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Health & Safety


Dear Guests,

As we are getting ready to welcome you back, we would like to inform you that the health and wellbeing of our guests and staff have always been of the utmost importance to us.


Especially in the light of the worldwide spread of COVID -19, safety measures are of paramount importance. Thus, we closely follow the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Greek Government, the EFET Hellenic Food Authority, the World Health Organization and other relevant local authorities.

We aim to provide you with impeccable service, so you can enjoy a safe and stress-free dining experience. However, due to the current situation, extra safety measures have been implemented to ensure our guests and staff wellbeing. Please take into consideration that the below measures are subject to change at any time to ensure they are updated in line with the latest guidelines from government and public health bodies.


  • In case you or anyone close to you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or have been exposed to the virus in the previous 14 days, we kindly ask you not to visit our premises until you have isolated for 14 days and have a doctor verification.
  • Upon arrival, we will have to check your temperature.
  • We have reduced the number of customers and staff so as to practice social distancing, according to government guidelines.
  • Furniture has been removed and rearranged due to social distancing measures.
  • Special cleaning products that are proven to kill viruses and bacteria are used along with steam cleaners and UV-C systems, for the most effective cleaning and sanitization of our premises



Guest’s Arrival Procedure

Due to the current social distancing protocols, we will not be able to welcome you with a handshake or a hug. When you arrive at Buddha Bar Beach Santorini our team will perform temperature checks with a highly sensitive infra-red thermometer. Sneeze Guards have been added to the reception counters. In line with Government advice, we now keep a record of contact details from all guests entering the restaurant, for track and trace purposes.


Hygiene Protocols

The cleaning and sanitizing of the restaurant have been increased. Especially in all public areas and all frequent-contact surfaces such as front desk counters, door handles, public bathrooms, stair handrails, dining surfaces, and sitting area. This cleaning procedure also applies to the back of the house. Moreover, special cleaning chemicals will be used in our premises that have proven effective against virus and bacteria and steam cleaning is being used to clean and disinfect soft furnishing.

All furniture has been rearranged to maintain social distancing and, where possible, signs have been installed to remind guests of the hygiene protocols. All furniture will be cleaned and disinfected between guests. POS systems will be cleaned after use with alcohol wipes. You may view the menu either on your own device by scanning a QR code or by using disposable menus. We have removed some dishes from our menu to allow the kitchen team to be socially distanced. Condiments, salt and pepper shakers are properly cleaned after every use. Cutlery is to be covered with a napkin when placed on the table. Hand sanitisers are installed in key points. Guests are not allowed to sit at the Bar according to local guidelines, but only at bar tables. Windows will be opened to increase ventilation throughout the restaurant. We encourage our guests to pay by credit card.


Employee Safety Measures

All members of our staff have to wear protective masks at all times. They have been also instructed to wash their hands and use the appropriate sanitisers provided by the hotel. All employees have been trained on essential hygiene and Covid-19-specific safety measures. Any member of staff with a temperature will not be allowed entry to the site and will be asked to return home safely and to seek medical attention including having a Covid-19 Swab Test. Finally, back of house staff will be working in an environment that allows for social distancing


Social Distancing

Throughout the restaurant, guests will be reminded to practice social distancing by maintaining a distance of 2-meters/6ft; that also applies to our staff members. Where possible, signs have been installed at guests and staff communication points. Queuing systems will be implemented in the restaurant and the public WC.



Door handles, taps and other surfaces will be cleaned in between use. Disposable hand towels and hand sanitiser will be available. Lavatories will be cleaned after every use.